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What if the worst thing that ever happened to you turned out to be the best thing that ever happened?

After losing her childhood friend in 2010, Janeane belly flopped into a horrible funk. She turned to all sorts of outlets but realized that she needed to throw herself into something meaningful and inspiring. In 2011, she started hosting and producing a talk radio show called “Get the Funk Out!"  on KUCI 88.9fm, where she had been a DJ since 2007. Janeane's guests shared stories and advice on how they overcame life’s funks - personal and professional, and what great things happened after they overcame a tough time. The show helped her heal and provided an outlet for others to share their stories and advice. 

These meaningful conversations became the foundation for 

"Get the Funk Out!   %^&* Happens, What to Do Next!"

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This book will help you: 

  • Pinpoint when you belly-flop into a funk 
  • Determine the what, why, and how of your funks 
  • Know that being happy all the time is impossible, but pinpointing things that contribute to your happiness is key 
  • Make pampering yourself a priority 
  • Take the leap and try new things 
  • Express yourself when things are sh*tty 
  • Get out of your mindset and help others 
  • Nurture your relationships and kick the toxic ones to the curb
  • Know the signs when tweens, teens, and in-betweens are funky and what to do and not do 
  • Recognize how seriously funked up midlife can be 
  • See how seniors put us to shame…a lot! 
  • Not to fear our endless array of funks, but see the awakenings they bring

Plus, contributions from twenty four radio show guests:

Melanie Brooks—accomplished writer and teacher

Cindy Charlton—triple amputee, inspiring speaker, and accomplished author

Scott Crabtree—founder and chief happiness officer at Happy Brain Science 

Brie Darling—singer, drummer, actor, and winner of Cake Wars 

Dr. Orin Davis—principal investigator at the Quality of Life Laboratory and head of behavioral science at Vervoe 

Christine Dimmick—wellness expert, founder and CEO of The Good Home Co., and cancer survivor 

Sue Enquist—former softball coach at UCLA, eleven-time national champion, six-time Hall of Famer, and founder of ONE Softball 

Robin Farmanfarmaian—professional speaker, entrepreneur, author, and angel investor 

Jake Ferree—yoga master and personal transformation expert 

Adrien Finkel—author, photographer, comedic television producer, and founder of her My Naked Truth project 

Kerry Hannon—nationally recognized expert and strategist on career transitions, personal finance, and retirement; author of over a dozen books; and writer for The New York Times, Forbes, Money, U.S. News & World Report, and USA Today 

Cindy Joseph—Cindy passed away in July 2018 from cancer. She was on the show a while ago, and her daughter Julia and family gave permission to include her in the book. She was a wife, mother, model, makeup artist, and pioneer in pro-age thinking. 

Kalifornia Karl—professional musician and founder of Joyful Noise Music 

Jackie Krisher—eighty-five-year-old triathlete and CrossFit participant 

Lauren Lipton—award-winning journalist and author of Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories and the Power of Transformation 

June Millington—cofounder and lead guitarist for the all female rock band Fanny, cofounder and artistic director of the Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA), singer, songwriter, producer, and writer 

Gary Pihl—Gary Pihl, former guitarist for Sammy Hagar and current member of the band Boston 

Jill Santopolo—New York Times bestselling author 

Adam Shell—award-winning documentary film director and the creator of Pursuing Happiness 

Jay Silverman—director, producer, and filmmaker 

Elena Stowell—author, science teacher, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner

Jenna Torres—musician, singer, and songwriter 

Charlie Visnic—editor and creative tinkerer 

Peter Zheutlin—freelance journalist and author 


You really can  Get the Funk Out!  When you belly flop into another one of life's funks, learn what to do next!  

Published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster - June 25, 2019

Advance Praise

"We've all been there. The falls and rises of growing up, making something of ourselves, entrepreneurism, and more—it all takes a toll on even the mentally strongest. I loved meeting Janeane Bernstein and reading her book Get the Funk Out! The story is refreshing and real, and encourages us to own up and reach our full potentials."

– Winnie Sun, Wealth Whisperer, CNBC Financial Adviser Council, Forbes Contributor, Co-Founder of Sun Group Wealth Partners

"Finally, a common sense approach to an all too common malady. Ms. Bernstein has assembled the tools to overcome our personal demons in words that are clear and concise. When I find a good book, I usually 'can't put it down' but Get the Funk Out! demands time to absorb the inspirational stories and ponder the question of how faith can be so strong."

– Gary Pihl, former guitarist for Sammy Hagar and current member of the band Boston

"I love this book! A radically transparent look that teaches us to face life's hard knocks—instead of running away—and heal from the gifts that emerge from truth This is a bedside keeper to remind you that grass grows through concrete."

– Bryan E. Robinson, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and Author of "#Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life"

"The power of self-esteem is on full display in Get the Funk Out! Janeane Bernstein pulls together an unlikely cast to write a prescription for dealing with life's large and small challenges. Finding joy on the journey is possible, no matter how rocky the road."

– Richard M. Cohen, New York Times Best Selling Author of "Blindsided" and "Strong at the Broken Places"

"Janeane has written a book that aims to help anyone navigating the funky pitfalls of life, illustrated with a wide assortment of anecdotes and her experience, all of it filled with humor and compassion."

– Kathy Valentine, musician, composer, writer

"Janeane uses her own personal stories, plus interviews with a variety of mental health professionals to explore life's persistent funks. Personable and engaging, she shines a light on the darkness many face in everyday life, illuminating a way out."

– Vicki Peterson, founding member of The Bangles, Guitarist, Writer, and Singer

Janeane Bernstein’s "Get The Funk Out” came to me the exact moment I needed it most. Funny, kind, and spot on, everyone who has ever felt hopeless, deflated, or just happened to have a bad day will walk away stronger and more positive after reading Janeane’s kick ass book; a true labor of love infused with empathy and wit. 
– Laurie Lindeen, author of Petal Pusher